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Can the Priest Exorcise the Demons?

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If it hasn't been obvious to all of you by now, let it be stated for the record that the Chiefs are in deep doo-doo. Realistically, we all knew that this would be a rebuilding season and the team wouldn't make the playoffs. Two-thirds of the way through the regular season, however, the team is still playing as it's the first exhibition game of the pre-season. You can't pin this erratic play on the wide receivers, although many - including the coaching staff - are trying to. The true explanation is that the team is possessed.

All the signs are there:

The coaching staff worships the Ram and most of the players act like sheep.

The starting quarterback is prone to "out of world" experiences at inopportune times (How else do you explain the stupid interceptions?).

The wide receivers' hands have turned to stone and the defense has been afflicted with lead feet.

An invisible barrier prevents Todd Peterson from kicking off past the ten-yard line.

Fortunately, there is a Priest available to exorcise the demons if the coaching staff would just turn him loose. I mean REALLY turn him loose for the last five games of the year. In eleven games, Priest Holmes has established himself as the prime offensive weapon in the Chiefs' arsenal and possibly one of the best backs in the NFL. With 978 rushing yards and 380 yards in pass receptions, Priest has accounted for 35.4% of the team's ENTIRE offensive yardage. That is a staggering percentage, but his output over the last four games has been truly amazing - 47.4%.

Only two other players in Chiefs history have come close to matching Priest's production. The great Abner Haynes actually exceeded 30% of the entire team offensive output twice (31.2% in 1960 and 33.4% in 1962). He came close in 1961 when he racked up 29.4%. The only other back to exceed the 30% threshold was "Touchdown" Tony Reed, who accounted for 31.9% in 1978. Mike Garrett just missed in 1967 with 29.8%. Otis Taylor leads the wide receivers with 27.1% of the offensive production in 1971 and 26% in 1966.

Interestingly, the 1960 and 1978 Chiefs were plagued with problems at quarterback (low completion average coupled with stupid interceptions and poor decision making). The 1962 and 1967 teams, while successful, had to deal with many offensive player injuries. The 1961 team had to deal with both problems just as this year's team has. Unfortunately, like the 1961 team, this year's group is going to be sitting on the sofa watching TV come play-off time.

Ramification hasn't worked. Trent Green has been a disaster. The wide receivers can't catch a cold and the addition of Eddie "No Mas" Kennison won't help (although a swift kick in the butt might get Derrick Alexander moving). The defense can't, or won't, stop anyone. What does the team have to lose (except more games and they're going to lose them regardless)? Turn the Priest loose. Give him the ball 30-40 times a game in as many different ways as can be found. Maybe, just maybe, the Priest can exorcise whatever demons have invaded the team

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