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Save the cordiality for the press conference after the contract signing

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I don't know about you, but I'm fed up with Tony Gonzalez, Tom Condon, and Carl Peterson. I'm also fed up with Ryan Sims, his agent, and Carl Peterson (again). Training camp has been in session since July 25 and Gonzalez & Sims are still no-shows. Money, as usual, is to blame. Tony and Ryan want as much of it as they can get. Their agents want as much of it as they can get. Peterson doesn't want them to get as much of it as they can get. Therefore, the players are still no-shows. Well, that's not entirely true. Tony, you see, keeps showing up as a visitor and he occasionally calls Carl to chat. By every account, these visits and telephone calls have been "cordial." Isn't that nice? Sims and his agent have been whining that the Chiefs won't get back to them with a new contract offer, but neither side has been accused of being anything less than "cordial." It's enough to make you gag.

Sims hasn't played a down in the NFL, yet he and his agent feel that he deserves armored cars full of cash for his potential. Gonzalez is a Tight End - an extremely good one - who feels that he should be paid as a top Wide Receiver. He also wants to play basketball in the off-season. Peterson shows no indication of agreeing to Sims' or Gonzalez' demands. By all rights, the air should be charged with acrimony. There should be name calling, angry threats; they should question each others ancestry, etc. Instead, we get "cordiality." The agents and players smile and say nice things while they hold out their hands for money. Carl Peterson smiles and says nice things while refusing to pay the money. Do you think most fans are smiling and saying nice things while this standoff continues?

It's time that all parties to this travesty wake up and get the standoff resolved. I don't care how nasty it gets, but get the contracts signed and the players in camp. Gonzalez needs to realize that he is not a wide receiver and he is not an NBA-caliber hoopster. He is a tight end who needs to work on his blocking and doing a better job of holding on to passes. Sims needs to realize that what he did in college doesn't mean diddly in the NFL. Peterson needs to realize that he needs to pay out more than he and Mr. Hunt want to. Save the cordiality for the press conference after the contracts are signed. At that point, all of you can group hug while signing "Kumbaya" for all I care.

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