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Let's See to Motivate a Team? That's it...A Movie!

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Sounds good to me. Wait...a what?

It didn't quite sink in until I hit I-29 headed back to Blue Springs. A movie? Huh, did I hear Todd Haley right? He said the team went to a movie. As in popcorn and soda instead of pads and sweat?

I'd get something like "Remember the Titans" where coach Herman Boone took his players to Gettysburg, but a theater? Okay, that's cool...so did they see "Rudy"? You know how Haley likes the hard working type.


What! A movie from the same person who wrote Disney "High School Musical". Somebody catch me.

I sat in the press conference a little confused, because Haley had an unusual smile on his face, and his eyes looked watered over. I know it's Monday, but doesn't Haley know the Chiefs didn't play so hot this past Friday?

I got up at six this morning and headed to St. Joseph. I stopped for a quick cup of java extreme in Plattsburg, but as I pulled into the "I" lot of campus I saw two big buses.

That's strange? As I strolled over not even Adam Teicher knew the scoop. Surprise! Haley's skipping practice for some "team building" time. It wasn't told until later that it was a movie.

Some slept, others watched, while many tweeted. You know, my wife doesn't like movies that much. You know why? Because there's no talking, or what she calls bonding time.

Don't the Chiefs need to do some bonding before this Saturday's game with the Tampa Bay Bucs? Maybe a little? You think?

In case Haley missed it, the Chiefs didn't look so together in their first preseason game, so how's a movie where plenty were snoring going to help?

Am I too practical? Too boring? Maybe a little old school?

Scott Pioli and Haley have something going, but a movie? The Chiefs had 3,500 fans come to watch Sunday in their first practice back, but today a movie?

Hey, maybe all the junk food the players ate will do the trick, but besides a tummy ache, what's the value? Haley couldn't really tell us much in the press conference, so I have to take his word for it.

I'm still on the wagon, but I think a Ward Clever is in order. No movie until you finish your homework!

Seriously, a movie?

Let's get busy Chiefs! Only three more preseason games to go to fine tune the mess. What's next, a giant inflatable?

Good day, Chief fans!

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