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Chiefs Should Take A Look at TO

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Chiefs Should Take A Look at TO
By William T. Cloake IV
March 17, 2010

I can't believe that I'm writing this, but I seriously think the Chiefs should take a look at Terrell Owens.

Now, before you think that I have taken a big step away from my good senses, consider this: how much did you hear from TO last season? Not much. Now, that is really saying something considering that TO's number of passes targeted dropped and he played for a struggling Bills team with a revolving door situation at quarterback.

It seems that a cold season in Buffalo has helped TO learn to keep his mouth shut. If you remove his mouth from the equation, what do you have with TO? You have a guy who is a dedicated worker and – in my opinion – still has some gas left in the tank. Granted, Owens had his least productive NFL season in 2009, notching only 55 catches for 829 yards and 5 touchdowns. However, his 15.1 yard per catch average was 10th in the NFL among receivers with more than 50 receptions and he managed to get free for a 98-yard score. Any way you cut it, he is still a big, physical receiver who can play the game.

What TO would do for the Chiefs would be to command attention that has not been garnered since Tony Gonzales headed off for balmy Georgia. Even if he isn't the player that he was in 2009, I have a feeling that the lack of interest in him in 2010 may light a fire that will cause him to want to prove people, who think he is done, wrong. Put all of it together, and Owens may wind up being the biggest bargain on the market in 2010. Sort of like buying a beat up Corvette only to find out that it has a rebuilt engine under the hood.

Of course, signing Owens wouldn't be something I would do lightly. It would have to come with certain conditions. First, Owens needs to recognize that he may not start and be willing to take a role as a #3 guy. Second – and more importantly – he needs to understand that there will be a zero tolerance policy for any antics. He so much as looks cross-eyed at Matt Cassel and his NFL career is over (which by-the-way, if the Chiefs cut him, it will be just that). Third, any contact he signs would be completely void of any guaranteed signing bonuses and is to be structured with most of the money coming in incentives for behavior and play on the field. It is important that the Chiefs be able to part ways with Owens at no expense if things don't work out.

If it works out and the Chiefs could get two, even three good years out of Owens, it may come at a bargain price. If he is able to – as he did in Buffalo – keep his head on his shoulders, he could be quite an asset for a Chiefs team in need of offensive weapons. While I think Jerheme Urban was a nice signing, it is hard to have too much confidence in another receiver with less than 100 career receptions. However, the idea of running out a trio of receivers including Bowe, Chambers and Owens sounds pretty daunting. What is more, Owens is a good fit for a Chiefs system that seems to be built around wide receiver screens – something Owens excels at. Suddenly the Chiefs would have three talented receivers, who command respect and create mismatches.

If not, it's a good gamble and the Chiefs simply cut him and move on. At least everyone would have something to talk about and the Chiefs would be shuttled back into the national spotlight.

Really, what have the Chiefs got to lose?

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