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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
W - 37 to 27

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The Right Message...

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When asked about the "right 53" Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel said things like hard work, consistency, smarts, and just doing your job. That was just opinion, because Cassel really doesn't know.

"You know," Cassel said, "I think coach could be more specific on it, I don't really know what the definition of the ‘right 53' is, but I'm sure it means whoever is going to give us the best chance to win."

Is it all about the perfect fit? Is it that simple, or is there more?
How are the Denver Broncos 6-0, while the Kansas City Chiefs are 1-6? How come they've had success, while the Chiefs struggle? Were the Chiefs that much worse than the Broncos last season? The Broncos collapsed last year, and the Chiefs lost several close games.

The Chiefs had a big turnover in personnel, but the Broncos equally changed things. They brought in Kyle Orton, Correll Buckhalter, Jabar Gaffney on offense and Ryan McBean, Ronald Fields, Andre' Goodman, Andra Davis, Renaldo Hill, Brian Dawkins for defense. Each is listed as a starter according to the depth chart with capable young backups. DE Darrell Reid who was picked up from the Indianapolis Colts is a backup with three sacks and DE Vonnie Holliday who's found something with the Broncos has two sacks as a backup.

Were any of these players from the Broncos on Scott Pioli or Todd Haley's list? Let's say the Chiefs had a shot at these players, why didn't they take any in free agency? They were there for the Broncos to sign, so they would have been available to the Chiefs as well.

A question, what's so different about what Pioli wants and what Denver has?

Does the type of player Haley likes jump higher or run faster? Are they so different, Pioli's players? Instead fans have to wait. Why? Hasn't Kansas City waited long enough? I feel like a little kid stomping my feet asking how come the Broncos get what they want. Whaaaaaa!

Here's what I think. I don't believe it's so much about the player as it is the right message. I've heard over and over how the Chiefs are looking for that player, the one who belongs, but for some reason while other teams connect the dots the Chiefs can't. Not yet, Pioli wants us to be patient.

The fact is the Broncos made broad changes and instead of folding they're thriving.

So when you get past the player part you can only look toward the coach. Is Haley putting the right word out? Is he in over his head? The only thing that caused people to have any hope in Haley was Pioli. Pioli was "the" catch and when he came to Kansas City fans were all ears.

Be honest, didn't you tilt your head a little when Pioli named Todd Haley as coach? Did you slant even more when you heard Haley's resume mostly included golf? It caught my attention and Haley is looking more like someone impersonating a head coach.

What's Haley's theme? I agree you need players, but it's been said numerous times by many people that these guys are all in the NFL, these players should be able to perform much better than what we're seeing on the field.

I just can't escape it, how much does Haley really know other than what they do in practice.

The one thing that the Broncos have that the Chiefs refuse to get is an offensive line. That's been the one consistent I saw on the Broncos depth chart with their numerous changes.

You tell me what I saw Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. You advise me on the coaching we've seen in the past seven games. Where is this "process" really taking the Chiefs, and when will we see a positive change as a result.

I just want some aftereffect, some product.

Seeing Arrowhead so empty and the Chiefs play so crummy made my gut hurt. It was a disaster Sunday, and another home loss. The Chiefs were completely squashed in every phase of the game.

Denver coach Josh McDaniels has his 53. Nothing fancy or too high priced, but a group of players getting it done believing in what he's telling them. He's a coach and is acting like one.

The more Haley coaches and the more he speaks I wonder if the Chiefs have one.

The "right 53" is looking like an excuse, when the real question to Haley should be what's your message and how come your players aren't buying it.

Good day, Chief fans!

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