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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
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A Season Like This

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What's a season like this causing you to do? Check out? Catch up? Finish a good book? I find myself being thankful, not for the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line, but stuff I take for granted. Things that make me feel happier when my team allows 379.8 yards a game. How about a comfortable chair, ice cubes, or a cozy pillow? They help me when folks mention Larry Johnson and his 2.7 yard average. A good wife, a scenic drive, dishwashers (my four wonderful children), peanut butter, and hugs console me when my team isn't so hot.

Watching the New England Patriots absolutely destroy the Tennessee Titans my first thought was at least the Chiefs aren't them. How far the Titans have fallen and how disappointed their fans must be. My second thought was how glad I was that I had both Tom Brady and Randy Moss on my fantasy team.

I'm not baffled, are you? It amazes me how people put unrealistic expectations on things and then walk around dumbfounded because it didn't happen. Politicians...health care, yada yada.

Sorry, I digress.

Really, some actually thought 8-8 or 9-7? A realistic assumption though was the Chiefs protecting their $60 million quarterback. If they had they wouldn't be "hoping" for better protection for Matt Cassel as Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports, but they'd "know" for sure they were protecting him. Knowing is better than hoping, but maybe that's me. Last time I wrote I said offensive line with the Chiefs first pick. I was crazy right, who ever heard of doing such a thing?

Ever had homemade ice cream? People are proud of their homemade ice cream. There's a process to making homemade ice cream. Todd Haley tells us they're in a process. Some are thankful for homemade ice cream, but it takes forever when you could have been to HyVee and back with some Blue Bunny.

Homemade ice cream and the Chiefs? Chop...you all right? I'm sorry, I could mention how Charger fans are salivating over Cassel being sacked an AFC leading 22 times. Do the math on 19 sacks in five games; it makes Cassel's head hurt. Okay, so initially this process didn't include an offensive lineman. Got it Haley, but...I...just...thought I saw a couple free agent offensive linemen over there at the free agent store? No?

Am I telling you what you already know? Probably so, so what else? I'm happy for good health, good friends, and good conversation.

A process is a series of actions to achieve a result or results. A question, have you seen results? Not being sarcastic, mocking, or trying to be abusive towards Scott Pioli or Todd Haley, but why has Mr. Irrelevant Ryan Succop been their only productive draft pick?

A result is an effect brought about by something or someone. Honestly, I'm still looking for that something or someone on the Chiefs.

How about Cassel or Dwayne Bowe? Possibly Tamba Hali or Brandon Flowers, but looking over the Chiefs depth chart I'm reaching to find someone. If the season were to end today who would Pioli or Haley point to as a product of their process?

Like homemade ice cream, if it takes too long I lose interest. Will Pioli go to the store next season?

"Between now and the draft there will be an additional time," Scott Pioli says, "when free agency starts to change or improve the football team. Our needs today, as we look at the draft, may be different than the months of March and the early part of April as we approach the draft."

So what's my point with all this? So what if I like porch swings and polite drivers. Well, judging by the empty seats and Cowboy fans being able to be seen and heard others are finding ways to pass the time. Like me, fans will lose interest if the process doesn't make sense.

It's early. I got that. The 1-5 Chiefs are on a one game win streak and catch an up and down Charger team at Arrowhead. I'm rooting for the Chiefs 100%, but I'm on the fence. I'm on the fence with Haley and at least scratching my head with Pioli. Am I wrong?

Listen, I hope that DT Kenny Smith does something great, but chances are he won't. I didn't figure this move by Pioli. It's stuff like this that has me wondering about the process and when it'll get started.

The fact is the Chiefs are 24th or higher on every offensive and defensive category.

I remember Dick Vermeil's first year, and he had a new system. New players, but he went after solidifying the line. You could see halfway through the results. At least offensively you saw his plan start to work.

I'm waiting for Todd Haley. I'll be watching closely as the Chiefs play the Chargers.

Good day, Chief fans!

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