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The Missing Chief

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The Missing Chief
By William T. Cloake IV
September 6, 2009

After signing offensive tackle Ryan O'Callaghan off of waivers and cutting Barry Richardson, the Chiefs are auspiciously short one lineman after dropping Richardson. The Chiefs have only eight offensive linemen, in a world where some teams carry as many as 10. Also, the Chiefs have no backup for Brandon Albert at left tackle, none, nada, zip. Even with the O'Callaghan signing the Chiefs have only three players that have ever taken a snap at offensive tackle. So, it seems probable that the player to be signed will be an offensive tackle.

So the question is, who? After scouring the waiver wire there is one player who makes perfect sense for the Chiefs. Former Jaguar Tony Pashos. Pashos is the perfect fit. Pashos has started 50 games (including three play-off games) for the Jaguars since 2006 at right tackle. He was not signed for any reason other than Jags are full at offensive line and decided to save money by not paying his $4.3 million dollar contract. However, he is a solid player and a solid guy who just last season received the team's Byron "Whizzer" White Award for community service and also serviced on team's player leadership council. Further, at 28 years old, Pashos is in his 7th season and in his prime.

Now, in a world where Pashos would not take a paycut, one has to figure that it is going to take some money to get him in here. However, the Chiefs did free up $3.0 million when the dumped McIntosh. Figuring it will probably take at least $4.0 million to bring Pashos in, this doesn't seem like too much money. The Chiefs certainly have the cap room to do it.

Frankly, signing Pashos would be a game changer for the Chiefs. It would allow the Chiefs to move Ike Nduwke back to his natural spot of guard and allow Goff to back up both guard positions. In doing that, the Chiefs would suddenly have two younger, stronger, play-off experienced players manning the right side. An offensive line of Albert, Brian Waters, Rudy Niswanger, Ndukwe and Pashos sounds not too bad.

Frankly, how the Chiefs fill this tackle spot will be the most important thing that the Chiefs do, from this point forward, in 2009. The defense is looking better than expected. Mike Brown and Mike Vrabel look healthy. Corey Mays looks like a player. Tyson Jackson got ˝ as many sacks, in the preseason, as the best Chiefs DE got all of 2008. The list goes on and on. Then on offense, if the line can come together, you've got Matt Cassel, a stable of runningbacks and Dwayne Bowe, Mark Bradley and Bobby Engram. Granted, there are some major "ifs" here, but if the offensive line were good it could change everything. Without a better offensive line, without a guy like Tony Pashos, none of the "ifs" will even matter.

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