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How About That?

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Thatís what the announcer said after Larry Johnson scored for the Kansas City Chiefs in their first preseason game against the Chicago Bears. Johnson took the ball in from the five in the first quarter capping a nearly nine minute 16 play drive.

I was happy Johnson scored, but I thought about what the announcer said and how he said it.

How about that? It was said with real surprise, almost disbelief. Why the shock? Whatís so unreal about Johnson running in a touchdown? But then it hit me.

I just recently moved back to Kansas City and one of the perks of being back is to be where the Chiefs are. No more writing from a distance or missing another game. With the Chiefs first preseason game I was ready for some football, but then I turned on the radio.


Itís a different team, the Chiefs are young, but where has all the hope gone? I realize if you donít have any then you wonít come crashing down, but these players have expectations. They donít want to be as bad as people say.

There was a time when outlooks were brighter even when we fans had no reason for it to be. We werenít just fans, but fanatics. If youíve read Jason Whitlock you should already be cursing your team. Radio personalities joke about whoíll score more the Chiefs or the Kansas City Royals. Iíve never looked to Whitlock for knowledge, but his type of thinking is catching on.

Thereís not a lot of faith in these young Chiefs.

Getting ready for the game I listened to the radio just before, but found myself getting defensive. I was talking to a radio that couldnít talk back. The personality on the radio proceeded to tell me about the many holes, inexperience, injuries, busts, uncertainties, and how Brodie Croyle couldnít be an NFL quarterback.

If I let it the radio would have stolen all my joy. I wouldnít have even bothered to turn on the television set. Itís a good thing I didnít believe what the guy had to say.

This season may be tough, but watching these players grow and develop should be fun. Mr. Whitlock is right, it will be painful at times, but this fan will choose to watch the players paint the picture as they play the game not as Mr. Radio or the media say it will be.

Thatís why they play the game, isnít that what they say?

Is the weather guy always right? These young players may add more sunshine to the forecast than what people think.

After hearing the radio down the Chiefs I was happy when they did exactly what I wanted them to do on their first possession. The Chiefs drove the field, controlled the clock, and scored. It wasnít flawless, but they did what they had to do.

They took their first step towards proving their critics wrong. That while young theyíre not totally helpless. You canít underestimate youth and the pure adrenaline of being in the NFL. There are plenty of examples of young guys stepping up right away. If they have the right attitude and aptitude it can happen.

I personally think Will Franklin can be one of those players. Youíll hear on the radio that he shouldnít be starting, that heís not ready, but what I saw was a young guy make the tough catch and help his team score.

Thereís too much uncertainty for the ďexpertsĒ to be so certain about these young Chiefs.

Iím not saying Super Bowl or playoff run, but I understood what the announcer meant. If these Chiefs had believed what people were saying over their coaches and what they believed inside they wouldnít have moved the ball against Brian Urlacher let alone score.

But they did and Croyle looked good leading them.

The Chiefs havenít won in a while and even though it was just one win in the preseason it meant more. It was the beginning of something new and to start something fresh with a win is always good. The Chiefs are young, but they do expect to win, and to help them out letís expect it to.

Now letís go cheer on the red and gold!

Good day, Chief fans!

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