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Time to Take the Prozac Away

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I made the mistake a couple of nights ago of reading the latest-and-greatest comments from Chiefs Head Coach, Herm Edwards. Trust me; it will be a long, long time before I do that again. Herm, coming off a disastrous 4-12 campaign in 2007, has repeatedly vowed that the Chiefs are going to clean house and get younger. Unfortunately, he never said anything about the Chiefs getting better and, based on his comments; I should have picked up on that omission earlier.

Herm, it seems, is perfectly happy with the fact that the Chiefs have signed exactly one free agent and sees no reason to go out and sign any more. Based on his comments, that one free agent, plus the two shlubs he picked up on waivers, and 10 draft picks the team has in the up-coming draft, should be enough to fix all the problems with the Chiefs. Not to pour water on his happy little thoughts, but I would argue that someone needs to take Hermís Prozac away.

Letís take a trip down reality lane; itís going to take more Ė a lot more Ė than eleven new faces to put the Chiefs back together. At wide receiver, the Chiefs need a minimum of two Ė and preferably three Ė new faces. Since the most experienced player on the roster, Jeff Webb, is only entering his third season, a couple of players with some real game experience would seem to be a real must. Tight end, with the pending release of Jason Dunn, is also in need of an experienced player who can step in and take over the blocking duties. After Larry Johnson and Kolby Smith, the Chiefs have no one of note at running back and absolutely no proven commodity at full back where Gilbert Harris and Boomer Grigsby are already gone and Kris Wilson isnít far behind. The team needs a reliable place kicker and a good kick returner. Desperately. The offensive line was an unmitigated disaster last year. Even if the Chiefs draft 2-3 players, some experienced players who can start until the youngsters are ready to step in and play are nowhere to be found on the roster. Cornerback is another area in real need of players with the release of Ty Law, the sudden aging of Patrick Surtain, and the apparent disinterest in re-signing Benny Sapp. A minimum of 2-3 people are needed here and at least one of them needs previous game experience. Oh, and you canít ignore the depth issues at defensive line and linebacker.

If one really wants to examine the Chiefs drafting success (or lack of) under Carl Peterson, one would realize that it is virtually impossible for all ten players the Chiefs will draft in April to stick with the team. In fact, of the 155 players KC has drafted since Peterson took the reins, 26.46 percent never played a down in a regular season game. Another 22.58 percent played only one or two seasons (and that percentage will go higher if some of the 2006 and 2007 draftees get cut this summer). In other words, there is only a 51 percent chance that any of the players will last more than two seasons. Those are not comforting statistics and it brings home the point that the odds of successfully re-building a team solely through the draft in todayís NFL are virtually nil.

If Herm genuinely believes that one free agent, two shlubs, and ten draftees are all that is needed, he is going to be in for the shock of his life when the 2008 Chiefs finish at 2-14 or worse.

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