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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
W - 37 to 27

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What Bugged You the Most?

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What bugged you the most? The Chiefs lack of effort or punter Dustin Colquitt being named their best player? Colquitt received the game ball from NFL.com for the Chiefs. When was it over? After the Chiefs drove to the Houston 12 in the first quarter missing a short field goal, or when Texans quarterback Matt Schaub connected with Andre Johnson on an 80-yard bomb?

This game left me speechless. Itís hard to write something after a contest like this. Iím not expecting great things, but I was eager for more against the Texans. Tony Gonzalez shouldnít be dropping passes, so you canít hang it on the new guys. The entire offense is out of step. How does a team go from being one of the best offensively to barely scoring three points? I know the Chiefs lost players since Dick Vermeil, but goshÖthe Chiefs look incompetent.

Critics are blasting away; some are ready to write them off. Itís only been one game, but theyíve seen enough.

Have you?

Iím not there yet, but Iím scratching my head. How bad will it get? I remind myself that the Chiefs are in rebuild mode. I saw one post where a fan said they didnít know if they could do this anymore. Theyíd been a fan since 1989. I feel his pain, but since í89? Recent fans like that havenít had to endure. A rebuild isnít pretty and itís not fun. You see things like we saw against the Texans.

I know the Chiefs are building, but why is Herman Edwards playing Damon Huard? I agree with Jason Whitlock that the Chiefs have no story. Whatís the plan? Huard wasnít more in sync than Brodie Croyle in the preseason. Was he? Letting Croyle sit is a waste. Let Croyle play, why not? Honestly, what does Carl Peterson and Edwards expect from the Chiefs? Do they anticipate another playoff appearance?

Even though linebacker Derrick Johnson was all over the field, the defense canít do it all, but they may have to. Speaking of defense new defensive tackle Alfonso Boone was a force in the middle. Linebacker Donnie Edwards was great, and Iím glad the Chiefs have him, even at 34.

But the defense wonít last at this rate.

With all the mistakes and focus problems the finger points to the coach. The Chiefs didnít look prepared; they werenít equipped for this game. I figured theyíd be primed and ready to go. All set to show us the preseason was just the preseason. That was my hope.

C.E. Wendler with Scout.com pointed something out, and heís an Edwards fan, but even he couldnít defend him. Edwards isnít good with season openers. Out of seven openers Edwards is 2-5 counting what happened Sunday against the Texans.

ďBecause of Hermís propensity to field unprepared teams early in the regular season, says Wendler, ďthe Chiefs might never win a division championship. They might never gain a bye or home field advantage in the playoffs. Itís difficult to win a Super Bowl as a Cinderella wild-card team every year. A good story, perhaps, but difficult.Ē

By time the Chiefs find out who they are and show up itíll be too late.

The floundering isnít just with the players, but Edwards deserves his share of the blame. When Edwards talks as though heís done something in the league I just donít see it.

ďYou guys will figure me out here pretty soon and what kind of guy I am and how I do things,Ē said Edwards when he first came to the Chiefs. ďWill it be a little different from Coach (Vermeil)? Yeah, itíll be different. But I am who I am. Iím going to do what I see fit.Ē

Little did we know how much different Edwards would be. Or did we?

Good day, Chief fans!

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