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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
W - 37 to 27

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Fearless Staff Predictions

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Life is good. The NFL regular season kicks off tonight, the Chiefs are unbeaten, and none of us (as far as I know, anyway) are troubled with the heartbreak of psoriasis. Having proved our prowess last season as prognosticators, Ben, Clue, and I decided to embarrass ourselves again this year and show our ignorance once again. With that, here our NFL predictions for the 2007 season:

AFC East: Ben went with the Jets while Clue and I agree on the Patriots. While I can see the Jets as a wild card team, I am in total agreement with Clue that New England is the class of this division, and possibly the entire NFL, until proven otherwise.

AFC North: The only thing we all agreed on in this division is that Cleveland will finish last. Clue like the Ravens, I like the Bengals, and Ben (this is the point where Ben started hitting the Kool-Aid quite heavily and his prediction skills disappeared in a puff of smoke) picked the Texans. Ben, the Texans donít even play in this division.

AFC South: This is going to be a competitive division and the top two contenders, Jacksonville and Indianapolis, could be quite good. Both teams, however, have holes that may cost them. Ben likes the Jaguars and Clue and I are going with the Colts.

AFC West: Ben picked Denver in the hopes of jinxing them. Clue and I picked San Diego on the theory that the Chargers are so talented that not even Norv Turner can screw this up. Ben may have slipped Clue some Kool-Aid while I wasnít looking because Clue picked KC to finish second. Ben predicted that the Chiefs will make the play-offs as a wild card team. Iím sorry, but KC will be fortunate to finish at 7-9. Based on the dismal pre-season performance, the questions on the O-Line and at QB, and the less-than-stellar performance of the rookie kicker, a 6-10 or 5-11 finish is more realistic. Fortunately, the Raiders are so bad that the Chiefs canít finish last.

Wild Cards: Ben went with the Chiefs and Titans. Clue picked the Jags and the Bengals. Iím going with the Jets and the Broncos.

AFC Champs: Clue picked San Diego. Iím going with New England. Ben picked the Chiefs. Ben needs help.

NFC East: The national pundits like the Cowboys. Ben and Clue like them too. Iím going with the Eagles but only if Donovan McNabb stays healthy.

NFC North: The class of the division is clearly the Bears (even with Grossman at QB) and Clue & I agree. Ben picked the Vikings. Heís also picking the Lions to make it as a wild card. Ben REALLY needs help.

NFC South: Ben likes Carolina. Clue and I like the Saints. No one likes the Falcons.

NFC West: This may turn out to be the most competitive division in the NFL this season. Ben and Clue picked the Seahawks. I can live with that pick, but I can also make an equally strong argument for the Rams and the 49ers. The Cardinals should also be competitive. The three of us havenít been in agreement yet, so Iíll continue the trend by going with the 49ers.

Wild Cards: Ben is going with the Saints and Lions. Clue picked the Rams and the Giants. Iím going with the Cowboys and the Rams.

NFC Champs: Clue and I went with the Bears. Ben picked the Lions. Ben REALLY, REALLY needs help.

Super Bowl Champs: Clue likes the Chargers. Ben picked the Chiefs in the hope that no one will remember his picks a few months from now. I would pick the Chargers, but I expect the Norv Turner curse to kick in during the playoffs. Rex Grossman will prevent the Bears from taking the championship. Unless the Chiefs and Lions are providing the half-time entertainment, they wonít be at the Super Bowl. That leaves New England as my choice despite the presence of Randy Moss.

So there you have it. Enjoy the season.

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