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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
W - 37 to 27

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In only three days the Kansas City Chiefs start their 2007 season. Chief fans have already gone through the entire gamut of emotion. A scale of 1 – 10 wouldn’t cover it; the preseason felt more like “America’s Great Depression”. There’s no getting around it, the Chiefs didn’t resemble a good team. Averaging 250 yards a game with a high of 12 points would be enough for plenty to throw in the towel. There wasn’t anything “vanilla” about what the Chiefs showed, but 0'fer in preseason doesn’t count. What happens from here out does, so get behind them!

There’s a general rule in my family. I may not like what my brother Joe is doing, and I’ll tell him, but I’d better not catch you saying anything bad about him. It’s family buiz! When I read what some “experts” are saying about the Chiefs I’m quick to defend.

Are the Chiefs a laughingstock? I guess if some “analysts” says so, then it must be so. Right?

When did preseason ever cement anything? I'm not just asking that to the dude on ESPN, but to the fan as well. I think it’s time to back it down and support the team. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned, but I’d be panicking if I said the Chiefs would be lucky to win four games. This season may not be pretty, but it’ll be even less appealing if folks stop cheering. If we don’t, I guarantee that nobody else will.

Do I like Herman Edwards? Not particularly. Do I think Mike Solari will eventually turn it around? Not likely, but I do like players the Chiefs have. Despite Carl Peterson’s 17+ year tenure there are players on the Chiefs who will be good and deserve our attention. They may not have the right leadership right now, but the Chiefs do have talent.

If the Chiefs whoop up on the Houston Texans I’m sure the “gloom” will change, but still, where’s the excitement? We’re only three days away from watching the Chiefs play!

If you pull aside the New Orleans game, the rest of the preseason wasn’t a total disaster. The offense was never stellar, but the defense looked solid. Not having Larry Johnson and new offensive tackle Damion McIntosh made an impact. For the Texans they’ll both be present and the defense will play all four quarters. After adding those pieces I don’t think we’ll see the exact same things as we saw in preseason.

I’m expecting a better game; I’m expecting the Chiefs to win. I guess with all the talk going on I’m seeing more of a “losing” mentality than a winning one.

Maybe I’m just fooling myself and the Chiefs are as bad as they’ve shown, or hopefully they’re not and instead of a glass half empty after Houston we’ll see it as half full.

Does Edwards have this team where he wants it? I doubt it. They need more help on the offense, like receivers and offensive line. Throw in a more confident offensive coordinator and we’re in business. I like Brodie Croyle and feel he’ll be a good quarterback. We all know the Chiefs aren’t there, but they’re getting closer. The defense will be better this year. That’s looking at the glass as half full.

The preseason was brutal, no doubt, but let’s stand up for the colors. These are still the Kansas City Chiefs and their home is still Arrowhead. That alone should get us ready for the season. We’re loud and we’re proud. Tough times don’t last, but tough teams do! I might add…tough fans do to.

Go Chiefs!

Good day, Chief fans!

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