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Brodie Croyle -- Heart of a Leader

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You donít have to play for Kansas City to know that Arrowhead is a special place. Itís pretty well known. It can be particularly tough, but always memorable to anyone who plays there. If things work out for Brodie Croyle heíll experience it, but being part of something unique isnít new to Brodie.

I worked with a guy from Alabama. I knew he was a Bama man before he opened his mouth; his workspace was filled with it. Heíd get that certain sparkle in his eye each time he mentioned the Crimson Tide.

Brodie made his mark on Alabama, but Bama didnít make Brodie.

There are questions, and Brodie has his critics, but right now Brodie is doing what he has to. Heís getting ready to play football. The answers will come, but folks will go over the pros and cons, attributes and qualities that make up Brodie Croyle. We canít help it, but with so many big fast athletes today something is missing. Itís the sort of trait that causes teams to follow. Brodie can consistently throw the deep ball with touch and accuracy, but his best quality isnít physical.

Itís his leadership.

Brodie has looked sharp and even though the hits arenít real players like Tony Gonzalez believe in him.

ďThe big question is whether or not Brodie can handle this,Ē says Gonzalez. ďI think he will. Right now, itís a lot easier for him because the bullets arenít live. But once they start flying around, I think youíre going to see that heís going to be a good quarterback.Ē

Why? I think it goes back to what Trent Green said about Brodie last year. Green noticed right off how calm and cool the rookie was, and how natural it was for Brodie to lead. Green said it was ďeerieĒ.

How do you measure backbone? How do you measure heart? There are reasons why Brodie had injuries, but thereís a reason why he kept getting back up. Brodie proved how tough he was by fighting through plenty of pain while at Alabama. Brodie won in Alabama with a team that really wasnít that great, that was no easy feat, but Brodie rarely panics when facing pressure.

Itís in Brodieís to take charge and to me thatís what a team needs when itís about ready to embark on a rebuild. Talent takes a player a long ways, and I believe Brodie has it, but a leader inspires.

Brodie has learned this from an early age and with each step itís benefited him as he continues to find teams who thrive on tradition. What heís learned keeps translating to the next level.

Brodieís dad John Croyle learned the importance of putting family first from legendary Alabama Football Coach Paul ďBearĒ Bryant. And John Croyle always placed his kids first despite also caring for 1,400 other troubled youth on his ranch.

Putting others first is part of Brodie, and I have no doubt that will help him come July when training camp starts.

Brodieís biggest knock is his size and past injuries, but he is a good football player. His real assets are his values.

I like Larry Johnson, but heís not a leader. Heís got plenty of skills and could be great someday, but even though Brodie may not achieve the equivalent of Johnson heís the sort of face you want representing your team. Unlike Johnson, Croyle wants to rally his troops.

Green applauded Brodie for his smarts and his ability in the huddle. The game doesnít seem too big for him. That goes back to his roots.

A leader isnít selfish, Brodie knows that. Leaders win championships.

As far as knowing if Brodie is the ďQuarterback of the FutureĒ who can say, itís early. His thin frame may be his downfall, or he could grab a weight double the helpings and be just fine. Brodie has the characteristics to be a NFL quarterback.

Iíd be careful when looking at a draft analysis when trying to sum up Brodie. You can look at the strong points and weaknesses, but if youíre looking for something more, Brodie has it.

Brodie is laid back, but itís not because heís lazy. Itís because of his up bringing that this young man has his priorities straight. I think he knows exactly who he is and where he needs to go. Thatís what you want in a quarterback whoís possibly about to lead your team.

Herman Edwards has this one right. Before people knock Brodie they need to take a hard look. Heís what you want at the helm.

Good day, Chief fans!

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