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Shut It!

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Iím tired of Trent Green! Yep, I said it. The guy I spent plenty of time justifying. Itís a shame, because not since Len Dawson have the Kansas City Chiefs experienced such stability at the quarterback position, but Green has officially gotten under my skin. At first I felt for him, but now itís gotten silly.

ďMaybe run out on the field with my whole Chiefs stuff on and borrow a Dolphins helmet from one of the former players that are here. I think that would be stepping it up a little bit,'' joked Green on 790-The Ticket. ďBut maybe thatíd be pushing it a little bit too far.Ē

What do you think, too far? He talked about doing this on ďfan appreciationĒ day? I used to like the guy.

I get it, it was a bad joke, but the word ungrateful comes to mind. Itís time for Carl Peterson to find a deal, any deal to get him and his agent out of town. I donít like giving in, but itís become just what Green wantedÖan annoying distraction.

With Green being known as a ďteamĒ guy Iím disappointed with the way itís gone. Thereís a way to handle things and thereís a way not to handle things and Green acts like he doesnít care. Thatís what bugs me most, and I know Iím not alone.

Hereís a fact Green doesnít want to face, or he acts like he doesnít see, but heís an old quarterback. Thatís not always a bad thing, but it is when youíve lost your step. Last season Green looked like a player who was ready to hang it up. Some will point to Herman Edwards, but then Damon Huard steps in and plays fine, I donít see the point. The way Green played last season only confirmed what Edwards has been saying; the Chiefs need to get younger.

Thereís a reason why the NFL stands for ďNot for LongĒ.

I canít tell you how let down I am, but out of respect to the fans youíd want Green to end it on better terms. I just donít see it happening, because itís become all about Trent Green and heís having no problem letting us know about it.

On the other hand Iím getting a better vibe on another disgruntled Chiefs player. Jared Allen was on the list, but a recent story on Allen has me thinking otherwise. It could still work out.

Allen was singing a whole different tune before signing a one year deal.

Crying the blues Allen wanted to be traded, because he wasnít getting the props from management like he thought he should, but off-field issues and suspensions had Peterson cautious. Was Peterson taking advantage of a situation? Probably, but its da biz, Allen was providing the rope. Iím sure other teams would have done the same and the big money wonít come as long as Allen has a label.

Now Allen has a good attitude and says itís been eight months since his last drink. Heís also lost the beer gut, some 15 pounds.

Iím glad heís getting a handle on drinking, but losing weight has me concerned. When the Chiefs drafted Allen he came as a guy who wasnít overly strong, but had a good motor with athletic ability. Now heís lost weight. Will the moves be enough without the weight?

I like the idea of a better overall package, something Allen has been missing. What I mean by that is he has the potential to be better, but heíll need to mentally focus more on and off the field. He has plenty of heart when playing the game, he loves to play, but he has to realize what you do and say carries as much weight off the field. Reality is catching up with Allen.

I could live with a $2.35 million one year contract, but some question Allen when he says ďI'm back for my teammates and for you (Edwards)Ē. Heís said so much both ways I really donít know what to believe, but I do think thereís a guy who wants to do the right thing.

Actions will prove him more than anything else.

You donít have to be religious to appreciate humility, and thatís something Allen will need to show.

He may be a cowboy who likes to have fun, but this cowboy wants millions to wear a uniform Lamar Hunt loved. Itís a big deal and Allen needs to learn heís responsible to the uniform. I donít blame Peterson one bit for making him sweat.

Iím not casting stones, made too many mistakes, but youíll go further when you admit youíre wrong. Thatís when you get up, wipe yourself off and continue on.

ďYouíve got to pay the piper eventually, right?Ē says Allen. ďItís all water under the bridge now. Thatís the last of it. Itís time to move on.

ďThere are two ways you can do things in life: You can blame people for holding you back and let someone get the upper hand on you and become what they say you are. Or you can forge forward and use whatever turmoil and adversity has happened in your life and let it drive that to the top.Ē

Allen is ready to elevate his game and I wish him the best.

This attitude I can deal with, this attitude the Chiefs need, but Mr. Green and his bad jokes can go.

Good day, Chief fans!

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