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Under Pressure -- DeMarcus Tyler

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If you weighed 315 pounds and could bench press 225 pounds 42 times what would people call you? I’d say sir, but DeMarcus Tyler prefers “Tank”. To put it on a rookie to rescue the Kansas City Chiefs isn’t fair, but that’s the expectation, and Tyler isn’t shying away from it.

I’m hoping Tyler becomes another draft day steal for Herman Edwards.

He comes with a warning label, but big and powerful there’s also plenty of potential. Playing it smart is safe, but taking a chance can pay off big. The Chiefs took a chance with Tyler.

So far he’s saying and doing all the right things, he’s confident he learned his lesson. I desperately want to believe him.

“Mario (Williams) told me to not hold back, listen to the coaches, but to be true to what you do…” said Tyler on Sirius “Late Hits” show hosted by Brian McGovern and Carl Banks.

The NFL is stressing “character”, which is great, but it allows teams like the Chiefs to snag players like Tyler in the third round. I’m all about acting right, especially if you’re getting paid millions to play a game, but let’s not forget about second and third chances. Ryan Sims had his, so why not Tyler with the Chiefs. Edwards is glad he has him.

“Obviously, they’ve (Tyler and Claude McBride) got a lot of energy”, said Edwards in recent workouts.

The Chiefs want pressure on the quarterback, something that has been missing for quite sometime, and Tyler thinks him and fellow rookie McBride will deliver.

With Edwards willing to play young players they’ll have plenty of opportunity, but the best approach is to wait and see. You never know when a Jarrad Page will show up. It’s the one you don’t see coming that surprises you. I truly want Tyler to live up to the hype, but Page reminds us that anyone with the right determination can succeed, and those are the types Edwards wants…regardless of age.

There’s always a debate after the draft on how well each team did, but its all speculation until they hit the field. Not everyone blossoms at the same time.

“I’m just happy I’m out here playing football and not sitting home,” says Tyler. “The people who have seen me play on ESPN and seen me play at North Carolina State, they’ve seen what type of defensive tackle I am. I think I’m a pretty good defensive tackle. I still have a long way to go and I have to work every day to become great.

I had a couple of incidents that kept me down a little bit. But they didn’t keep me down, they kept me moving forward. I go through things in life and I learn from it and that’s what made me the man that I am today. I don’t look back.”

As long as not looking back also means not going back, then the sky is the limit for Tyler and the Chiefs. Maybe this time the Chiefs got it right.

All that is left is for Tyler to prove it.

Good day, Chief fans!

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