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Looking Ahead -- Without Trent Green

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Time! Where does it go? Trent Green didnít take the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl or set the league on fire like Peyton Manning. He didnít do that, but he gave us someone who was tough, competent and reliable. I remember life before Green. He took a weak position and made it strong and thatís what Iíll miss.

A lot happened last season, and Green wasnít immune. The offensive line crumbled and the masses got to him. Before last year Green was used to going mostly untouched, but a concussion and a new offensive direction brought change. For the first time in a long time Greenís ability was questioned.

Itís hard to say exactly what led to his sudden decline, but it was obvious Green wasnít the same.

I have my guesses. The number one reason was the offensive line, because youíre only as strong as your horses up front, but Herman Edwards had his part. Why was Damon Huard able to cope while Green couldnít? Good question, because Huard gets Edwards, which is a good thing since he looks like the one taking over. Even before the concussion Green acted as though he wasnít catching on.

Iím guilty; Iím still trying to grab hold of Edwards way of doing things. Itís not easy for me let alone an aging quarterback whoís used to a particular way of playing. Sometimes it really is hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

Greenís time has finally come; it started when Dick Vermeil hit the door.

Sadly it doesnít matter what the coach did before, because the new one will make it his own. Itís just the way it goes. If Vermeil wouldíve still been around Iím not sure the results would have been any different. Iím sure Willie Roaf would still be retired.

With all its flash and the offense being number one Vermeilís way wasnít the way to go either.

On a good note, Huard does seem to understand what Edwards wants. When Huard came in against the Jacksonville Jaguars it was night and day compared to Green who had trouble getting his passes above the ankles.

Huard came in and completed long ones, short ones and threw the touchdown that made the difference putting the Chiefs into the playoffs.

When the Chiefs put Green up for trade I knew the house cleaning had begun. Itís a new dawn and the future belongs to Edwards. As much as I like Green and respect what heís done his time was with Vermeil. Time is no respecter of persons.

Huard isnít a spring chicken and just filler at best, but the Chiefs canít afford to pay Green that sort of cash playing awful. They need players, quite a few, and even if Green pulls it together for one more season the Chiefs need a couple more to make a serious run. There are too many pros to not keeping him. As Mr. Spock would say, ďthe needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.Ē

The Chiefs have many wants and Green is 37.

Itís just time, but that doesnít mean I wonít miss Trent Green.

Good day, Chief fans!

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