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What a year -- predictable and boring!

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What a year! Itís been difficult to carry on. The passing of Lamar Hunt reminded me of something, nothing lasts forever. Mr. Hunt will be missed, but he leaves an empty void. Thereís a lot of uncertainty facing the Chiefs. One big question I have is Clark Hunt. Will he have the same passion as his dad for Kansas City and the Chiefs? Iíve heard mixed reviews, so Iím not sure. How about Carl Peterson? Will Mr. Hunt keep him around? Ultimately will the Chiefs continue to stay in Kansas City?

This season has raised far more questions than answers.

Itís amusing how folks are still coming up with reasons as to way it isnít Herman Edwards fault. The once proud offense has taken several steps backwards. The last time the offense was in double digits for both points scored and yards produced was in 1998. Thatís right, even Gunther Cunningham did it better.

Now granted the offensive line isnít what she used to be, but Larry Johnson is still having a terrific season. Over 1,500 yards and 15 total touchdowns. The line isnít the juggernaut it once was, but my finger still points to the one calling the shots.

Hereís whatís sad, whatís going on offensively is the norm for Edwards. Last yearís Super Bowl champs the Pittsburgh Steelers were 16th in yards produced and 9th in scoring. The Steelers defense was top five in all categories. You donít have to be number one offensively, but you do need to score points. You need a top defense! Iím not sure Edwards can do either.

If you look at Edwards resume with the New York Jets the best he ever had in scoring was 15th, the norm was 17th Ė 19th with a couple 20th rankings. This guy doesnít score the points. When you look at what he was brought to Kansas City for Ė defense Ė he did get inside the top 10 once with both points allowed and yards allowed. If you take away 2004 Edwards has hovered in the middle defensively to.

I think fans are getting tired of the middle. Edwards is an average coach and his record proves it.

I donít mind losing, itís not the losing. Iíve already written how Marty Schottenheimer and Dick Vermeil didnít start off taking the Chiefs to the playoffs. Vermeil in his first year was 6-10. Schottenheimer started 8-7-1, but then went on to four consecutive seasons of 10+ wins. In my opinion Schottenheimer has been the Chiefs best coach since Hank Stram. The difference between Stram and Schottenheimer is Stram got it done, but Schottenheimer only had one season below .500 with the Chiefs.

Edwards isnít Schottenheimer.

So itís not the losing, itís the way the Chiefs have lost thatís bugging me.

Whereís the originality? At least Vermeil brought freshness. Am I the only one having problems with the big picture? What exactly is Edwards trying to do? I need someone to remind me. Iíve scratched my head plenty.

Iím not trying to pour salt over the wound, Iím really not, but the Chiefs are in a downward spiral. What identity is Edwards trying to give the Chiefs? I still donít see the personality. When you hear Tony Gonzalez talk like heís lost faith in the franchise and Trent Green plays like his age, well, I feel as lost as the Chiefs look. Since the Browns Edwards hasnít even made it back to square one.

Iím not sure Edwards knows what heís trying to do. After watching the Chiefs retreat into a hole against the Ravens at Arrowhead Iíve lost faith in his plan.

Rule number oneÖdonít punt when your back is against the wall!

As someone who likes to write about the Chiefs Iíve felt dazed and confused this season. My heart hasnít been in it, but I know Iím not alone. My fire hasnít gone out for the Chiefs, the Chiefs are my team, I'm just sick of the folks running the team. Does that include Cunningham? You bet!

It feels like quick sand and I wonder how far itíll go under before it gets better.

I wasnít a big fan of the 80ís, because back then I mostly ignored the Chiefs. Being a doormat wasnít any fun. In the 17 years Peterson has been in town whatís he delivered? Heís had more wins than the 70ís to late 80ís, but while the Chiefs havenít totally tanked under Peterson they havenít gotten very far either. In an age where you need at least 11 wins to get into the playoffs nine just doesnít cut it. After a while even the hardest of fans get tired of constantly being slightly above average.

Our overall playoff record in those 17 years is 3-8. Everyone, including the Seattle Seahawks, inside the division has been to the Super Bowl at least once. None for the Chiefs and only one AFC title game in 1993, which they lost to the Buffalo Bills. That was 13 years ago!

Itís messy. Where to start? The coach, I wouldnít have a problem, but he just got here. Different players, but Gun got his list. The offensive coordinator, but some say give him a chance. Peterson?

Big homers are getting burned out and the atmosphere at Arrowhead is changing.

I donít like that one bit.

Itís true that Edwards has had injuries and inexperienced players to deal with, but good coaches (I.e. New England and Pittsburgh) make things happen. The Chiefs have enough players to have played better than they have. Despite the offensive line the play calling and game management has been awful. That falls on coaching. Not having the right personnel is on Peterson.

If theyíre about putting butts in the seats like some say, well, Edwards isnít their guy.

Heís way too predictable and boring. Enough said!

Good day, Chief fans!

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