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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
W - 37 to 27

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Da Raiders!

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How about a great big thank you for Damon Huard! I know thereís a lot of celebrating going on, and Iím thrilled about Trent Green, but in our mad rush to get back to Green letís not forget about Damon Huard. Huard deserves his due.

Huard went from being a bad option to keeping the Chiefs alive. Because of what Huard done Green returns with something to play forÖthe playoffs. Iím thankful for Huard, because his play gave us something to cheer about. Instead of groaning about Huard now weíre telling Carl Peterson he should sign him to another deal.

Huard exceeded expectations; I wasnít thinking heíd getter done. The outlook was pretty dim. I wouldnít have thought the Kansas City Chiefs would still be in contention.

Just the opposite happened, the Chiefs played motivated football.

For all those who said Peterson was a fool for signing Huard, I suppose theyíre not thinking that anymore. Thank you Huard, you earned my admiration!

Green is back!

So what will that mean for the Chiefs? Unfortunately Green returns to a bunch of injuries, and Iím praying that the offensive line doesnít get him killed Ė again. The Chiefs need Green for their run.

Playing the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead is a gigantic bonus for Green. If there was a game to come back to with the injuries the Chiefs have Iíd want it to be in front of the twelfth man. Arrowhead is a magic pill for the men in red and they usually play like it. Hurt or not.

Arrowhead has good mojo!

Right now the Chiefs are 10 point favorites, but itís the Raiders and itís a division game. Donít take that bet! It usually comes down to the wire. I could care less; all that matters is a win for our side.

The offensive line will have to bring their ďAĒ game. The Raiders may be 2-7 and have scored the lowest amount of points in the league (105), but their defense ďcouldĒ present problems. The Chiefs are hurting. If the Chiefs resort to the pass thatís the one area the Raiders have excelled most in. Currently the Raiders are ranked 7th overall on defense, but 3rd against the pass with 13 picks. Against the run the Raiders are soft allowing 128 yards a game (26th), but have only allowed four rushing touchdowns.

Itís simple, at least to me. If the Chiefs generate a running game against the Raiders then they win. The Raiders may be stingy on the rushing touchdowns, but they give up the yards. Hello Lawrence Tynes!

This one falls on Larry Johnson and controlling the clock, and the offensive line has to deliver. If the offensive line doesnít hold up then Green could have a rocky road. Iíve seen Eddie Kennison step up this year and Green will need him more than ever. Tony Gonzalez isnít there to rescue them, so Samie Parker has to have a solid game. Up to this point he hasnít, but maybe Parker will surprise. Iím a big fan of Kris Wilson and think heíll get more targets than usual.

If Arrowhead and its fans do their part Iím not looking for the Raiders to suddenly score a bunch of points. I know the Chiefs have a habit of helping quarterbacks you wouldnít expect to look goodÖ*cough* like Seneca Wallace, but offensively the Raiders are truly awful. The Raiders offense averages 11 points a game and generates around 229 yards a contest.

The Raiders are winless in the division and 0-4 on the road. Looking over the stats and numbers you see that the Raiders are doing great on defense allowing just 20 points a game, but thereís nothing on offense. The Chiefs are allowing 20 points a game, but scoring 21 points a game on offense.

Even with the injuries I feel the Raiders have a bigger hill to climb than the Chiefs. All the Chiefs have to do is play hard on defense, keep the Raider score low, and execute playing hard with what they have on offense.

Iím not thinking the Chiefs will cover the spread, but Iím thinking the Chiefs should win.

The Chiefs are middle of the pack on defense. Theyíre not great, but theyíre not terrible either. Right now Tamba Hali is questionable and so are Sammy Knight and Greg Wesley. That concerns me.

The Raiders are hitting the Chiefs at an opportune time, with Brian Waters, Derrick Johnson and Kevin Sampson out, but itís at Arrowhead.

Go Chiefs, but theyíll have to fill the gaps and play hard. Hopefully the backups take note from Huard and use that to inspire them. Thatís another way Huard just might help this team. And letís not forget, thereís the twelfth man!

Good day, Chief fans!

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