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5-4 Isn't so Bad -- Neither is Edwards

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Iím back! Looks like Bill touched up the place! For the faithful few who actually look forward to reading my stuff I figured it was time to kick off the slippers and get back to work. Too much Jerry Springer can be a bad thing!

Seriously, my last commentary was over a month ago! I wouldnít be upset if you forgot who I was. HelloÖIím ThaChop! Itís good to see Desmond Bailey doing a bang up job with the ďThe 45 AngleĒ. Where does he get all those cool pictures? And William Cloake with his well thought out thoughts. Itís all good and itís all at Wild Bills. Itís only the best fan site in the whole world! I feel like the kid who took a long vacation, but it feels good to be home. Hey, I missed it!

Itís time to get reacquainted! So cowboy up!

So the Kansas City Chiefs dropped one to Miami. I know there were high hopes, and I had my fingers crossed, but thatís been the history. The simple truth is the Chiefs have a hard time in Miami. Since í89 the Chiefs have played the Miami Dolphins in Miami six times. Theyíve won once, and that was under Dick Vermeil in í05. Besides that the only way Marty Schottenheimer was able to beat Miami was when the Dolphins came to Arrowhead. In six tries Marty was able to beat Miami twice, both wins came at Arrowhead.

Just think of the Denver Broncos and youíll get the picture. When the Dolphins visit Kansas City they have it tough, and the same for the Chiefs when they travel to Miami. So anyone that says the Chiefs lost one they ďshouldĒ have won, check them on it. Even the promising í95 and í97 Chiefs who both went 13-3 couldnít beat Miami.

Itís just one of those Bermuda Triangle things you canít explain.

Itís over and done withÖtime to start thinking about the Oakland Raiders!

Water under the bridge my daddy used to say. Hey, the good news is the Chiefs can go 6-4 this week and thatís pretty good considering what Herman Edwards has had to deal with.

I looked over past coaches and their first year with the Chiefs, after comparing I still think Edwards is on track. Heís headed in the right direction. Letís put it this way, Iíd rather have Edwards than someone like Paul Wiggin, John Mackovic or Frank Ganz. The only guy to do as well as Edwards in his first nine games was Gunther Cunningham. Gun went 5-4 and surprisingly the amount of points scored for and against the Chiefs was very similar to Edwards.

When you look at Sean Payton in New Orleans itís easy to be a little envious, heís having a good run, but I believe Edwards isnít far behind.

Iíve been away, but I still havenít wavered from my thoughts in ďGet a Grip -- No More Sour Grapes!Ē

We still need to see the Chiefs for where they are Ė including the flaws.

In Miami some of those defects showed up, but like I said, Miami has a way of doing that to the Chiefs. What now? Will fans jump all over the Chiefs like they did when they took a giant nose dive against the Steelers. The Chiefs were playing hurt in Miami and not having Brian Waters showed, and I might add not having Derrick Johnson to.

Damon Huard went from being a great bargain back to being no good. Like Iíve already read, and I agree, I donít think Trent Green would have faired any better.

I still think Huard has done a wonderful job; heís been well worth his one year contract. Itís funny, but I read some old posts after the Chiefs signed Huard. I laughed at the different responses, but only a few thought it was a good thing. Most thought it was another dumb move by Carl Peterson, but how many have had to unpack after packing it in when Green got hurt? Iíll raise my hand.

As good as a job as Huard has done, Iím still for Green coming back. Green has been at the helm and has proven himself way too much to lose his starting job. Thatís just the way I see it. The comparisons to Elvis Grbac and Rich Gannon arenít even valid. In my mind Gannon was the better quarterback and leader, but I was for Green coming back even if Huard would have won against Miami.

I like Green that much.

But sitting at 5-4 isnít so shabby, and 6-4 could be right around the corner. Just donít throw in the towel like I saw one poster post.

The Raiders arenít going to give it to the Chiefs. Nope, but they do give up almost 140 yards a game on the ground. While the offensive line didnít look the part against the Dolphins donít forget Miami wasnít a slouch on defense either. Weíll talk more about the Raiders later.

For now fans need to pick a position and stick to it. Huard canít be great for several games and then go back to being a bum with the next. Mike Solari was looking the part, but now heís the goat once again? As much as I liked him, Al Saunders isnít looking so hot in Washington. I think Solari has grown leaps and bounds since those first couple games. Give him time.

You might think Edwards had all the tools to get it done right now, but heís had to deal with an offensive line in flux, a backup quarterback over several games and an offensive coordinator whoís learning the ropes. Thereís more work to do, like more presence on the defensive line, but to be 5-4 with those sorts of issues? In Edwards first year? Hey, thatís something to take heart in.

Weíre not the Indy colts, but thank goodness weíre not the Arizona Cardinals!

Good day, Chief fans!

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