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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
W - 37 to 27

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Random Thoughts After the Raiders Game

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Well it wasn't a pretty win, but the 2-and-oh record the Chiefs are sporting sure looks nice (especially in light of San Diego and Oakland both sitting in the cellar with 0-2 records). And it was doubly nice to see the defense keep the Raiders out of the end zone on Oakland's last drive. Speaking of defense, it's still a little early in the season, but so far the defensive players Carl Peterson added in the off-season look like they're worth every penny they're being paid. The same can be said for rookie LB Derrick Johnson.

Maybe I can get Gunther Cunningham to come home with me and have him yell at my 17-year-old son. The shouting matches Gunther had with MLB Kawika Mitchell in training camp have transformed Mitchell into a completely different player.

This was the 90th regular season meeting between KC and Oakland (KC leads the series 46-42-2) and 41 games have been decided by seven points or less (KC holds a 21-18-2 edge).

Is there a worse broadcast team than ESPN's Mike Tirico, Sterling Sharpe, and Suzy Kobler? If there is, I don't want to hear them. These three were so pro-Raider and so enamored with Randy Moss that I had to turn off the sound after the first three minutes of the game.

Were there two people in Warren Sapp's uniform? The NFL lists him at 6-2, 300 lbs but I'd be willing to bet money that he really weighs closer to 375 lbs. Even 365 lb DT Ted Washington looked svelte standing next to him and Washington looks like ten pounds of potatoes stuffed into a five-pound sack.

What's with all the camera shots of Raider Managing Partner Al Davis sitting in his press box? Is there a fascination with looking at an 80-year-old guy in a disco suit? Maybe the TV guys are just impressed with the quality of the embalming job the Raiders did on Davis. It reminds me of a TV documentary about Lenin's tomb every time the camera pans that owner's box.

The weirdo fans sitting in the Oakland stadium's "Black Hole" section are a constant reminder of why there are laws against marrying siblings or first cousins.

The turf in the Oakland stadium easily is the worst to be found in the NFL. I'm not just talking about the dirt infield portion; there were far too many players slipping on the grass portion of the field. Knowing Al Davis, however, the slippery surface may have been caused by him spraying the field with WD-40.

Going into the season, I was a little worried about the lack of experience at wide receiver. Fortunately, it is now beginning to look like Samie Parker and Chris Horn are ready to pick up a fair share of the load. Parker could really develop into a special player but he needs to take better care of the ball.

Finally, hats off to KC rookie LB Boomer Grigsby for treating the Oakland fans to a rendition of the "Tomahawk Chop" at the end of the game. A little "In Your Face" to Raider Nation is always appreciated.

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