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Chiefs at Chargers
Sunday, January 1st
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Waxing the Redskins obviously didn't mean anything

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The 45-13 pasting of the Washington Redskins was nice to see, but it obviously didn't mean anything based on the dismal 20-6 loss to the Broncos the next weekend. The message is becoming painfully clear: The Chiefs are bad and there's little chance that a turn-around will occur. Maybe the team isn't as bad as the Redskins, Cowboys, and Lions are. Then again, only one other team in Chiefs history was as offensively inconsistent as this year's team has been. There are entirely too many parallels between this year's team and the 1977 team that finished with a dismal 2-12 record.

Mike Livingston quarterbacked the 1977 team. Livingston was inconsistent, inaccurate, and easily flustered. For the year, he threw for 6 touchdowns and 18 interceptions while completing a paltry 51% of his passes. Trent Green has been inconsistent and easily flustered. Green's accuracy has been terrible at times and he has already thrown six interceptions in four games.

The leading receiver for the 1977 Chiefs was TE Walter White. TE Tony Gonzalez is the leading receiver for the 2001 Chiefs. The 1977 Chiefs got little production from the Wide Receivers even though Henry Marshall was on the team. So far, the 2001 Chiefs have received little production from the WRs even with Derrick Alexander on the field.

The 1977 team had Ed Podolak, Tony Reed, Ted McKnight, and Arnold Morgado at RB, but the ground game sputtered all year. With Priest Holmes and Tony Richardson, this year's team is also sputtering against everyone with a better defense than the Redskins have.

34-year-old Emmitt Thomas and a bunch of kids made up the defensive secondary in 1977. 34-year-old Ray Crockett and a bunch of kids make up the 2001 secondary.

The 1977 defensive line had one very good player in DE Wilbur Young. The rest were scrubs. The 2001 DL contains one very good player in DE Eric Hicks. The rest are scrubs. Neither line could stop the run consistently.

MLB Willie Lanier and OLB Jim Lynch were the heart of the 1977 defense. Thus far, MLB Marvcus Patton and OLB Donnie Edwards have been the heart of the 2001 defense.

The 1977 team was held to seven points or less in six of their 14 games. So far, the 2001 team has been held to seven points or less twice in four games.

At this point, I will not go out on a limb and say that the 2001 team will do the same sort of crash-and-burn that the 1977 team did. However, if things don't turn around quickly, it is very likely that even a 6-10 record might be unobtainable.

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