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Why Al Davis needs to hire Greg Robinson

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Dear Mr. Davis,

I realize that the owner of the Oakland Raiders is not used to getting a letter from a Chiefs fan, but it appears that your organization needs help deciding whom to hire as its next head coach. After all, you didn’t have any luck going after Dennis Green, who decided that the job with the Arizona Cardinals was a better situation. How embarrassing was that? You also interviewed our offensive coordinator, Al Saunders, but either he didn’t want the job, or you - for whatever reason - decided he wasn’t right for the Silver & Black. You have spoken, or soon will talk to, several assistants from around the NFL. These talks will also be fruitless because you’re overlooking the best guy for the job.

Quite frankly, the guy on the Chiefs staff who you should hire is Greg Robinson, our defensive coordinator. Allow me to point out the reasons – and there are several - why Greg should be your man:

1. He’s an arrogant SOB and you like arrogance. Remember how bad the Raiders were from 1960 through 1962? The team went out and hired an arrogant assistant coach from the San Diego Chargers to take control of the team. You were that assistant and you turned the team around almost immediately. The 2003 Raiders looked every bit as bad as those rotten Raiders teams and the hiring of an Al Davis clone could be the catalyst for immediate results.

2. It would be a great opportunity to “stick it” to Lamar Hunt and the Chiefs. It’s obvious that the Chiefs don’t want to lose this guy – just listen to Dick Vermeil. I know you’ve been sore with the Chiefs ever since they signed Marcus Allen as a free agent. Marcus ate your team alive when he came to KC, so what better way to get even with us?

3. It won’t cost you a dime for his moving expenses. In fact, we Chiefs fans will be thrilled to put up the funds for the U-Haul truck. Heck, we’ll even help him pack.

4. You won’t lose many players to free agency. This guy knows how to devalue the worth of potential free agents. Just look at what Greg has done for DE Eric Hicks. Hicks had 14 QB sacks the season before Greg’s arrival in KC. In the three seasons Robinson has been the defensive coordinator, Hicks has accumulated a grand total of 17.5 sacks. Hicks will be a free agent in February, but who’s going to offer him a huge contract based on those numbers? I guarantee you won’t have to worry about any more embarrassing Marcus Allen-like departures.

5. He’s out of touch with reality – just like you are. Your walls are festooned with phrases like “Commitment to Excellence,” “Just Win, Baby,” etc. The team’s performance on the field is immaterial as long as you can re-live the glory days and pretend that the team is still competitive. Greg buys into that philosophy 100%. Just ask him whether his schemes are at fault for the woeful state of the KC defense or whether it’s the fault of the players. I’ll wager money that in his mind his defensive game plans are perfect.

6. The Raiders are next alphabetically. Greg was the defensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos before going to KC. Logically, his next stop would be with the Oakland Raiders. Think of Greg as an AFC-West chain letter – if you break the chain, you’ll have all sorts of bad luck. Just remember to pass him on to the San Diego Chargers when you’re done with him.

What other reasons do you need, Al? If nothing else, hire Greg as a personal favor to me. We’re both old AFL guys and realize that it’s important that the tradition the Chiefs and Raiders have had over the years continue unabated. What better way for the rivalry to intensify than by having one of us pulling a fast one on the other?

I hope to hear from you real soon.

Your pal,


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